Besides popular belief, medication and therapy are not always the best solution for anxiety. While not a substitute for therapy, tapping the meridian points for relieving anxiety is a cheap and time-saving technique that has no side-effects. Some people even claim that this practice can offer more than just anxiety relief, but we will only focus on this problem.

Focus on whatever caused your grief, and think about how anxious has it made you. Use a scale with from 1 to 10 and remember the number – it’s easier that way. Set up a sentence in your mind that will describe the problem you’re trying to overcome and your ability to do so. For example, “The spider on the ceiling is scaring me, but I’m bigger than it and I’m going to take charge!” Make up your own sentence, of course.

Using four fingers from one hand, tap the fat\muscle outer portion on the opposite hand between the base of the smallest finger and wrist. Keep doing it while you’re repeating the sentence at least three times. If you’re not believing it, try harder. Now, with half a second between taps, tap the following body parts in this order:

  • The top/middle of your scalp
  • Between your eyebrows
  • The dip in your skull on either side of your eyes
  • The upper cheekbones, in alignment with either eye on the x-axis
  • Underneath the nose, right where the cartilage begins to end
  • The middle of your chin, where dimples are on those who have them
  • The uppermost, middlemost point on the collar bone
  • The ribs, a few inches below the armpits
  • Go back to the top/middle of your scalp

Don’t tap too hard and hurt yourself, though. The taps should be a bit harder than a tap on a touchscreen phone. The sentence should be repeated in your mind every time you tap a point.

Take a deep breath, repeat the sentence again, and analyze the anxiety levels. Use the scale again – the number should be lower now. Seeing how the number went down should lower the anxiety further, reminding you that you are not helpless against it.

Watch the video below for detailed instructions: