Dr. Walter Kempner invented this diet back in the 1939.

At the beginning Dr Walter used this diet to treat blood pressure, blood sugar and improve the people with kidney problems. Later when people started to show weight lost, it was used just to do that, lose weight. So here is the rice diet that will help you lose 7 to 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

Here is your daily routine:

Breakfast- same every day– a cup of cooked rice in water, without salt or sugar. If you like you can add a little bit of lemon juice or olive oil. It is recommended to use brown (integral) rice. As a snack you can eat a piece of fruit between breakfast and lunch.

Lunch – for the first 7 days: cup of rice, cup of beans, peas or lentils, a piece of whole grain bread. Use as less salt as possible.

Dinner for the first 7 days : a cup of rice and 150 g lean meat ( chicken, turkey, pork chop, fish) Do not use salt. You can add little bit of lemon juice. You can eat a piece of whole grained bread.

Lunch for the second 7 days: a cup of rice, a piece of whole grained bread.

Dinner for the second 7 days: cup of rice and a piece of whole grained bread.

Third week: Use the diet plan from the first 7 days so that you can add snack between lunch and breakfast (200 ml milk or little fruit yogurt)