There is proof that shows the effect from garlic milk to the body. It is great against worms and enema, as well as sciatica. You can prepare it raw or you can cook it. It is better to use raw garlic milk because it is stronger and it acts better. The process of cooking reduces the odor and helps at the same time. You can use it regularly and get rid of sweating legs if you like. There are many people who have used garlic milk, who have suffered from sciatica, drank garlic milk every day and had results when medicine didn’t help. After several days of using it the problem disappeared completely.

The preparation of garlic milk is easy and here it is:

You need to crush the garlic in small, handy gadget and cover it with raw milk. Drink it at once. You can also cook the garlic in milk if you want. To get the best effect you need to drink at least 200 m garlic milk every day. The treatment doesn’t work the same on everyone. But you need to try it to see how it works for you, in relieving your pain from sciatica. It might help you.