During the winter we are all at risk of different colds and viruses, but this elixir of health can expressly prevent the boring sneezing effect appearance and the running nose.This natural balm is great for the whole family because it can be consumed from the youngest to the eldest.

You need:

2 small or 1 big lemon

200ml honey

1 ginger root

500 ml glassed jar


Wash the lemon, and the ginger should be peeled off and sliced in slices. Put them all in a blender and blend them together than add the honey. Mix them in a blender until the mixture is conjoined together.Transfer the thick syrup in the jar and close tightly. Keep it in the refrigerator.


Take 1 spoon daily, and for the kids it is recommended 1 tea spoon.

The elixir of health you can always add in a cup of warm tea.