I know some people that are leaving their shoes outside the door prior entering the house. And I find it interesting and amazing. Many people though wear shoes inside the house. You have seen movies or maybe even have friends that are eastern or Asian and they all leave their shoes outside the door. If you go into someone`s home and you see shoes outside, the best reaction is to leave your shoes outside as well. And if you go to someone`s home and they don’t take off their shoes when entering, you definitely won`t leave your shoes by the door, you will enter with your shoes. So why is walking around in your own house with the shoes on a regular routine? I can`t understand. It is better to walk barefoot because your feet can relax from the day and you also can develop better foot and ankle strength than to walk with your shoes on.

I found some interesting information that might interest you as well to leave your shoes by the door prior entering your house, and I thought I might share it with you.

Imagine what you bring to your house together with your shoes! A study conducted in the University of Houston said that 39% of shoes were containing bacteria C.diff( known as Clostidium difficile). This bacteria attacks the health and it became antibiotic resistant. This bacteria cause’s diarrhea, which can later lead to colon inflammation and to further serious health problems. This happens usually because of the resistance to antibiotics.

Another study conducted in the University of Arizona discovered 9 different forms of bacteria that were found on the bottom of your shoes. A test made by the show Good Morning America showed that the bottom of the shoes were dirtier than the toilet seats. Dr. Charles Gerba a microbiologist and a professor at the University of Arizona conducted a test with brand new shoes. After wearing them for two weeks the shoes had 440,000 units of bacteria. The percentage of those bacteria showed that 27% was actually the deadly bacteria E Coli. Another bacteria found on the bottom of the shoes was Klebsiella pneumonia causing pneumonia and wounds the bloodstream infections. It was also found Serratiaficaria, a bacteria that can cause an infection to the respiratory tract.

Different things contaminate our shoes, and after bringing those shoes in our home, we contaminate our home as well. The bacteria Clostridium difficile can be found in 4 out of 10 people`s shoes. You can also bring home with your shoes many other types of bacteria. If we compare the number of bacteria on our shoes and the number of bacteria in the public restroom floor( around 2 million per square inch), we can see that the toilet seat contains way less ( around 50 per square inch). So why wear shoes in your home and bring all these bacteria in it? IF you have a child that is young and crawls down the floor, you don’t want these bacteria to be found on their hands or knees, or maybe even their mouth. So don’t walk with your shoes inside the house if you have a young child, because some of these bacteria can kill him.

Many people that come from the countries I previously mentioned leave their shoes outside the house. They shut the door to many bacteria and don’t look back. So it is better to follow their rule and leave your shoes outside or in the garage and close the door to the bacteria. Usually in the summer we walk barefoot in the home, so imagine how much bacteria you will bring in if you left the house and returned because you forgot something and you are in a rush. It will only take just a second is what we say to ourselves. But that second when you enter your home with the shoes on will bring many potentially dangerous bacteria inside. To preserve your health and the health to those you love most, don’t bring your shoes inside.

Shoes are filled with many things like bacteria, germs, chemicals and oil or petroleum by-products. None of these things you would like to step on at home after you have entered with your shoes inside and brought them from outside. So the best chance you have against these deadly things is to leave the shoes outside.

It is unusual for people in America or Canada to ask the guests to leave their shoes outside prior entering the house. But in many countries throughout the world and many cultures are not offended when the guests are asked to leave their shoes at the door. After a certain time, people don’t even have to ask, it is a common thing and procedure you do when you enter someone`s home, and the same when someone`s entering your home. This way those germs and bacteria are left outside.

Taking your shoes off when entering is a sign of respect for the home you are entering. Many religions remove their shoes prior a prayer and before entering a house. So it is best to follow them for this statement and leave the bacteria, germs and other disgusting things outside your home.

To conclude.. What can be found on the bottom of your shoes? Fecal matter, multiple forms of bacteria that can bring infections and inflammation to the colon, many germs, chemicals, petroleum and so much more! After reading this article I am sure you will leave the shoes outside and rethink about that 5 second rule you have of dropping something on the floor and picking it up to eat.

The best thing to do is to leave the shoes outside and clean the floors regularly.