We all know that we should eat fish for the fatty omega acids that it contains and that they are very healthy and needed for the body. But you should be aware that not all fish is good fish. The tilapia is the one fish you don’t want to eat.

This white fish has a mild taste and it extremely cheap to breed. Because of this it sells at a very low price and it sells a lot. Many people like this fish because it has no bones or skin.

However, the tilapia is not grown in natural conditions and is cultivated in factory farms. The tilapia in these farms is fed with feeds and fertilizers.

The wild tilapia feeds with algae and plants. So here is the difference. The Tilapia in the farms is held alive with chemicals, with corn diet and soy, making its breeding very cheap.

When we consume the tilapia from the farm we consume the chemicals as well.

There are many harmful effects that the tilapia can cause like coronary disease, asthma and joint inflammation. It also contains Carcinogenic agent, which is the cancer causing agent.

Because of what is said it is always better to eliminate the tilapia from your diet and feed healthy with other fish.