Coke is the most popular soft drink in the world, even though it harms our health. Here is what happens to your body about an hour later when you drink this fuzzy, brown drink:

First ten minutes

The body receives about ten teaspoons of sugar (100% of your needed dosage), and is being kept from quick discharge, while the phosphates conceal the actual taste.

20 minutes

All the insulin is discharged at once, raising the glucose levels and activating the liver, which starts storing the sugar into fat.

40 minutes

The body is totally overtaken by caffeine, causing a rice in the circulatory strain while the liver responds by adding more sugar in circulation. This adds to the blocking of adenosine receptors in the cerebrum, making you unable to be exhausted.

45 minutes

By now, Coke acts as heroin, as your body releases more dopamine and further fortifies the cerebrum’s pleasure focus.

60 minutes

The digestive system is enhanced due to calcium, magnesium and zinc being tied to the lower digestive system. This occurs because the big dose of sugar and stimulated sweeteners limit the discharge of calcium through urine.

After 60 minutes

The diuretic properties of caffeine kick in and all the calcium, magnesium and zinc meant for the bones are discharged along with sodium, electrolytes and water.

A little over 60 minutes

You experience a sugar crash that changes your mood and makes you lazy. All the water from the drink is flushed out, but not before it is enhanced with all the radiant and vital supplements which are needed to the body. They could have reinforced your bones and teeth and supplied your digestive system with water. Your risk of diabetes has been greatly increased.