One of the most dangerous attacks is heart attack – difficult to predict and difficult to handle. But did you knew that you can stop a heart attack with only one magical spice – Red Hot Chili Pepper, commonly known as cayenne pepper, aleva, guinea spice etc.

How can Red hot chili pepper stop a heart attack?

Two doctors share their personal experiences with heart attacks and how do they handle it. Dr. Schulze and Dr. Christopher reveal the fact about the health power of Red hot chili pepper. In their medical practice they used red hot chili pepper to stop heart attacks and to save their patient’s life. They gave one tablespoon red hot chili pepper in a cup of warm water and in a minute their patients felt better.

Red hot chili pepper contains 90,000 heat units (H.U.) and it stops the heart attack. To a conscious patient a drink of one tablespoon of red hot chili pepper and water is enough to help him. But if the patient is unconscious put him few drops of this drink under his tongue. Red hot chili pepper is a strong simulant that improves heart rate and brings blood to all body parts, enhancing the circulation.

Benefits from RHCP

– Red hot chili pepper has antifungal properties and prevent the occurrence of Colletotrichum and Phomopsis.

– Also it is beneficial for digestive system, it relieves gases and increases the production of gastric juices.

– It is often used in many formulas for arthritis, for treating flu symptoms, migraines, obesity, allergies, toothache etc.

Nutritional profile

Red hot chili pepper contains around 26 different nutrients, including Calcium, Zink, Magnesium and Selenium, Vitamin C and Vitamin A.