The benefit and the good thing about globalization is the variety of food that we can access now. Guava is easily accessible around the world. It has high levels of vitamin C , vitamin A and other nutrients. Are you still not sure whether to buy it or not? Maybe if I tell you 10 reasons why you should eat guava every day, you will reconsider.

Immune support

Every day we pollute our body with environmental toxins and illnesses. You can boost your immune system with guava. The level of vitamin C can protect and help your immune system fighting diseases and illnesses.

Lowers the risk of cancer

The antioxidants found in the guava can agree on the research made by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. If you consume guava regularly you can neutralize the free radicals in the body-those radicals that cause cancer.

Benefits for the heart

Many American adults suffer from heart diseases. You need to do more to protect your health. The nutrients found in the guava and the guava leaf can help you protect your heart from the high level of cholesterol and high level of triglyceride. The guava has got natural hypoglycemic effect on the body.

Effective with diabetes

The guava juice is a natural hypoglycemic, thus becoming the best choice for diabetics. It stabilizes the blood sugar level and boosts the fiber intake. You can consume the guava fruit or make tea and consume it like that. The effect will be great.

Oral health

The leaves from guava if grounded and made into paste can help the teeth. Their anti-plaque properties can help you get rid of cavity-causing plaque. You can also use them to heal toothaches and swollen gums.

Help improve the vision

You can protect your eyes and the eyesight with the vitamin A found in the guava fruit. You can minimize the night blindness and protect the retinal cells.

Helps the skin

We often have problems with our skin due to the environment like wrinkles and age. You can help your skin with the guava thanks to their antioxidants.

Helps with diarrhea

Some bacteria can cause diarrhea and keep you hanging in the bathroom all day. The leaf from guava fruit can help you with this problem. This specific fruit can help you with dehydration as well.

Increase the thyroid function

The copper found in the guava can help the support of the thyroid health and the overall health.

Increases the brain function

All of the ingredients in the guava fruit can help the body. The vitamin C, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 can support of the brain function.

Thank yourself and satisfy the body with a guava fruit. Next time you see guava just make sure you buy it.