Lately there is a lot of information about an Asian fruit that is said to have 10, 000 times more cancer fight properties than chemotherapy. This fruit is called ‘coursop’. Soursop is a sweet, seedy fruit with milky-white flesh and yellow-green skin. It can be found in Mexico, Peru, Australia, Malaysia, South America and in many Asian countries.

There are a lot of studies about this fruit and its healing properties, but there are no scientific studies done on human to prove this information. Even though it is known that chemo therapy is not very effective treatment for cancer, this alternative method is, for some reason, still not implemented in cancer treatment process.

Anyway, there have been studies made on rats that showed that soursop can directly combat cancer cells and stop and inhibit growth. On the other side, the chemo therapy combats all cells (both infected and uninfected) to kill the cancer. Soursop contains high level of vitamin C, B1 and B2, which are essential nutrients for the human body. This food is also a high alkaline food, and it is important to be careful with the intake of it. The fact is that a lot of alkaline have adverse effects on human body. If it is being used to fight cancer, then the body is acidic and can definitely benefit from high doses of alkaline. This is how soursop combats the cancer.

This fruit is found mostly in tropical countries, and this fact makes it difficult for those who live in the North-West to enjoy the benefits from it. This fruit easily bruised while traveling and it makes it hard to be found fresh. Also it needs to be maintained at a temperature above 3° Celsius. If the fruit is being juiced, then bottled and sold it is most likely pasteurized which will kill the majority of its healing properties anyways. The best way to have this fruit is fresh from the tree, or at least as close to that as possible. Some people have been able to grow soursop trees in Florida. If you are seriously considering treating cancer with this fruit you should purchase and consume it fresh.

This is one of the many natural cancer treatments and you should give it a try.