When we have some health problems, no matter how small it is, we often turn to medical pharmaceutical products to help ourselves. But when you read about this amazing fruit you will change your mind and try something else.

There is a greenish-white fruit that is known by the name Morindacitrifolia used by Plonesian herbalists to cure health problems. This tree grows in most parts of the world where tropical climate is but originally came from the Southeast Asia. This fruit may not have a look that appeals, but it does have many health benefits, and this has been proven by scientific studies made.

The Noni tree can protect against stroke

If there is some damage caused by stroke the noni fruit can help with this. There was a research made in the Japan`s Kobe Gakuin University conducted on mice that had brain damage caused by temporary interruption of cerebral blood flow. The antioxidants and the anti-inflammatory properties in the noni fruit have the results. The mice were divided in three groups. Every group received different percent of the noni fruit. The first group received water with 3 % noni juice, the other group received water with 10 % noni fruit and the third group received only water. The research and study lasted for seven days for each group. On the last day, researchers obstructed the flow in the cerebral arteries of the animals for the period of two hours. After the blood flow was restored, those mice that received noni fruit juice showed less neurological deficit than those who didn’t receive any. The results from this tests were published in the issue of “Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin” in 2009.

The Analgesic Properties of the Noni

The anti-inflammatory properties of the Nani are used to treat pain like in arthritis. There were German researchers that studied these effects on test animals. This was also conducted on mice. The researchers added 10 percent solution of freeze-concentrated noni fruit puree in the drinking water of the mice. After that the mice were subjected to pain using a hot plate test. The study showed that the noni fruit puree made the mice less sensitivity in pain compared to using and treating with tramadol, an analgesic prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. These results were published in the issue of “Phyto-therapy Research” in January 2010.

Noni fruit lowers the level of cholesterol

The elevated blood cholesterol, known as dyslipidemia, can cause cardiovascular diseases. There was a research made on laboratory mice who had been induced with dyslipidemia. The research was made by Pakistani-Saudi research teat that gave water and ethanol-based extracts from noni fruit, leaves and roots to the mice. The levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in these animals have been significantly reduced by using of the all three extracts from the noni fruit, leaves and the roots. The findings from this research were published in the issue of “Lipids in Health and Disease” in 2010.

Antibacterial Properties of the Noni fruit

The Noni fruit has been used to treat some bacteria. Because of this statement Indian researchers conducted in-vitro testing to determine the noni antibacterial properties against the three most common bacteria responsible for many illnesses. To prepare the dried noni fruit powder they used chloroform, methanol, ethanol and acetone. The research showed that all extracts taken from the noni fruit had moderate antibacterial activity against E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Proteus vulgaris. The researchers published their findings in the “Journal of Applied Chemical Research’ in 2009. This was the beginning of researching about the noni fruits antibacterial properties.