I`m sure you have heard about the benefits from the turmeric and how it can help the entire body system. The anti- inflammatory, anti- aging and anti- oxidant properties in the turmeric are the healing combination for more than 7000 articles scientifically proven.

Here are top 10 reasons why you need to consume warm water with turmeric every morning.

  1. Helps against inflammations

The inflammations can lead to many other problems with your health, and the curcumin and its properties can help you resolve this problem.

  1. Protect your brain

Alzheimer`s disease has been connected with the BDNF ( Brain- Derived Neurotrophic Factor) hormone in the body. The turmeric has an effect on this disease and on this specific hormone.

  1. Anti cancer

The turmeric attacks the cancer cells leaving the healthy cells intact.

  1. Helps against constipation and with digestion

Daily consumption of turmeric improves the gut micro flora and helps digestion

  1. Protects the heart

After using turmeric for three weeks the blood clots are removed and they don’t appear again. This improves the overall health of the heart and its functions.

  1. Helps with the symptoms of arthritis

The anti inflammatory properties of the turmeric help the swelling and the pain.

  1. Improves the skin and delays the aging

The turmeric affects the free radicals and helps the skin health.

  1. Reverses type 2 diabetes

This is proven in the Biophysical Research Communications in the Auburn University.

  1. Protects the liver

The turmeric helps the liver to remove toxic waste and regenerate itself. It also improves the gallbladder functions.

  1. Alkalizes the body

Turmeric is alkaline and with it helps against cancer.

You can make your own turmeric water and here is how:

Mix one teaspoon of ground turmeric with a teaspoon of black pepper in warm water. Consume while the water is still warm.