Dark circles under the eyes is a problem for many men and women. It usually attracts annoying questions such as “Are you OK?” or “Were you up late last night?” from everyone around you, but the truth is that dark circles under the eyes are not related to sleep only. They can be inherited, caused by allergies and nasal congestion.

Other factors for this problem are stress, anemia, eczema, crying, sleep deprivation, oversleeping, consuming too much sodium, smoking, excessive sun exposure, mononucleosis and of course, aging. Sometimes, dark circles under the eyes may be a sign of hyperthyroidism or liver disease. Whatever the cause, we all try to get rid of them immediately. Many cosmetic products promise magical results, only to leave you disappointed in the end. However, there is a simple natural remedy that will eliminate them quickly – baking soda and water!

Watch the video below to see how this girl managed to get rid of her dark circles under the eyes with the remedy:

Baking soda is commonly used for homemade beauty products – it is used as a dry shampoo, nail cleaner or as a mask against acne. There are some people who claim that a mixture of baking soda and water shouldn’t be put on your face, but as with any natural treatment, do your own research and make your own choices.