Reflexology – a part of medicine that relies on pushing certain points of the body to remove pain. It’s an especially suitable method to apply to the ear because of the nerve endings there. With the assistance of the clothespin, pushing a certain point of the ear can relieve pain and discomfort.

The ear is linked to the body in these 6 points. The pain in an area can be relieved by pushing some of them.

  1. The shoulder and the back

The highest point of the ear relieves pain in the shoulder and the back. Put the clothespin there and keep it for 60 seconds. Repeat the procedure several times daily.

  1. Organs

This spot is connected to all the organs. Just a delicate massage or the clothespin method can help you. But if the pain is constant and too much, visit a doctor.

  1. Joints

The upper central part of the ear is a spot reserved for joints. If you for example have wrist pain, put the clothespin there. Of course, if you have chronic pain, then seeing a doctor is what you need.

  1. Sinuses and throat

 The paranasal sinuses and the throat are connected to the lower central piece of the ear. When you have pain in these spots, put the clothespin on that point of the ear.

  1. Digestion

The lower ear cartilage is the point connected to the digestive system. The clothespin method can be used on that point for stomach pain or issues.

  1. The head and heart

The lowest point of the ear is connected to the head and the heart. So, in case of a headache, do the clothespin method.