Maybe you didn’t know that the length of your fingers can actually say something about your personality. Look at your fingers and compare the length of your index finger with the ring finger. Now here are some characteristics you might want to look and see if they match your personality.

There are 3 types of length and 3 different meanings. Here is the image and see which one reveals your character:

a) If your ring finger is longer than your index finger.

You are very beautiful in appearance. Your charm is irresistible and glowing. You have a personality and aura that attracts. You are more aggressive and decisive; you don’t hesitate to take a risk. The professions that go along with your personality are: soldier, engineer, chess player and you can solve puzzles very successfully. The money comes easier for people with longer ring finger, or so the scientists say.

b) If your ring finger is shorter that your index finger.

You have a lot of self-confidence that sometimes can be interpreted as arrogance. You like solitude and you enjoy your free time without disturbance. You like and appreciate the attention that is given to you, but you will never make the first step in the relationship.

c) If your ring finger and your index finger are the same length.

You are a very loving person. You feel uncomfortable when found in conflict. You like to get along with everyone and you are very well organized. You affection is shown around you. You are faithful in a relationship, full of tenderness and affection towards your partner.

Tell us do any of these personality characteristics represent you?!.