The light bulbs that are being sold as energy saving contain mercury. This is a powerful neurotoxin that can affect children and pregnant woman.

It is toxic for the brain, nervous system, liver and kidneys.

The Environmental Protection Agency in the United Stated has launched a protocol that implements the breakage of these types of bulbs and releasing of toxic gas. We all want to save energy and money by buying this type of light bulb, but are we aware of the problems that it might cause?!

There was a study made in the Klaudic Institute by Fraunhofer Wilhelm showing that these light bulbs when broken indoors can emit up to 20 times more mercury than the maximum allowed.

Here is a list of what these energy saving light bulbs may cause when broken indoors:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Seizures
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Nervousness

So why do we need to use these types of bulbs and why do we need to go back to the ordinary light bulbs!!

Read this article and see the difference why not to use economic light bulbs and what can they do to your health:

  1. Eco-friendly light bulbs contain mercury.

This toxin is dangerous for children and pregnant woman. It can affect the brain, nervous system, the liver and the kidneys. It has been proven to cause damage to the cardiovascular, immune and reproductive system. The toxins from the mercury can lead to tremors, nervousness, insomnia, memory loss, headaches, cancer and even Alzheimer`s.

  1. Organic light bulbs can cause cancer

A research conducted in Berlin by Peter Brown shows that the toxic properties of these bulbs contain carcinogens that may cause cancer. The phenol is acidic toxin in a form of crystals obtaining coal tar and it has been used in the chemical industry.

Naphthalene is a flammable compound that can cause distillation of the coal tar, and this is used in the chemical industry as a raw material.

Styrene is unsaturated hydrocarbon liquid which is obtained as a by-product in the production of petroleum. All of these substances can be found in these types of light bulbs.

  1. Economic lights emit large amount of UV radiation

It has been found that these light bulbs emit UV-B radiation and UV-C radiation. Everyone knows how much the UV radiation can harm the skin (causing skin cancer and hurts the eyes). Besides this the Eco lights affect the immune system and damage the skin tissue preventing it to form vitamin D.

These types of light bulbs should not be thrown in the regular trash because they are marked as hazardous waste.

If by some chance you break economic light bulb inside the house, you need to open all the windows and the doors and leave the house for about 15 minutes so that you minimize the exposure to toxic gas.

Even after these researches, economic light bulbs are being produced, replacing the old safe bulbs. So after time passes the old light bulbs will not be available anymore.