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You need to be aware of what you put in your body because it may cause cancer.

The study conducted by the University of La Plata, Argentina showed that 85% of tampons, cotton and sanitary products contain glyphosate.

They also tested American products as well.

This glyphosate causes fertility problems, miscarriages and birth defects.

It is found in the Monsanto`s “roundup” herbicide. It also can be found on the World Health Organization`s list of carcinogenic chemicals.

Dr. Damian Marino from the study showed that 85% of the tested products had glyphosate and 62% had AMPA, an environmental metabolite, and the cotton and sterile cotton gauze had 100% of this dangerous substance.

This is very serious because when you use the cotton or the cotton gauze to treat a wound you actually inflict it with carcinogenic substance. Dr Medardo Avila Vazquez the president of the 3rd National Congress of Doctors for Fumigated Communities stated that we don’t know what is surrounding us and we need to know in order to protect ourselves.

The study at first didn’t research the glyphosate but the chemicals sprayed by aircrafts. They only started testing female hygiene products without the gauze in the first place.

A basic premise in research is that when the testing is completed you target the research on contrasting it with something clean, and they used the sterile gauze for medical purposes.

Once they opened the gauze they found that in there was hiding the glyphosate. They needed to repeat this because they believed at first that they have made a mistake. Analyzed more gauze and found the same results.

Products in the USA also were tested. In 2014 96% of the cotton was genetically modified. The cotton was engineered to survive toxic chemicals.

This chemical is considered to be safe since 2013. The US Environmental Protection Agency approve the Monsanto`s request for using higher levels of glyphosate in goods. It was stated that the glyphosate is safe for the people and the environment.

Later, this chemical has been linked to Parkinson`s disease, Alzheimer`s disease, autism and cancer. It also declined the population of the Monarch butterfly by 90%. These facts were not considered when the approved response came.

Woman should use something else instead of tampons like reusable menstrual cups made of medical- grade silicone as a replacement for tampons. You also need to look for organic non GMO menstrual products in the local health store.