The armpits need to be cared about and kept clean at all times. People usually forget that skin is our biggest organ, and it needs the same attention as the heart, brain, liver, kidneys and all other organs. What we apply on the skin goes directly into our bloodstream, so we need to be extra careful about it.

The underarms can cause numerous aesthetical problems such as unwanted hairs, sweat which sticks on your clothes, foul odor, etc., if you neglect them.

You’ve probably noticed that the odor goes away once you remove underarm hair. However, as it grows fast, removing it every couple of days can be pretty annoying. Thankfully, we have a solution for you – a cheap and easy way to get rid of your underarm hair!

This amazing paste contains ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which will improve the quality of your skin besides removing the hair.

Method #1

Lemon and sugar

Asian women have been using sugar-based waxing methods for centuries. It’s a very effective and easy method – combine a tablespoon of sugar and two tablespoons of lemon juice and mix well until you form a paste. Apply the paste on the underarm hairs and leave it on for a couple of minutes. Clean with a soft cloth afterwards and repeat the process couple of times a week. You should soon see the hairs recede.

Method #2

Mix half a tablespoon of corn flour and one egg to form a paste. Apply it on your underarms and let it dry out before washing the place with lukewarm water.

Method #3

Mix two tablespoons of milk and a tablespoon of turmeric and make a paste out of the ingredients. Apply it on your underarms, leaving it to stay for 2-3 minutes. Afterwards, wash the area well with water.