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Prepare this easy syrup and get rid of your problem of significance. Everyone that struggle with fat in the blood know what I`m talking about.

There is a perfect combination of parsley and lemon that will give you all the benefit you need for your body.

Unhealthy lifestyle, genetic predispositions or accelerated and fast living are giving today`s most common health problem, cholesterol.

We should be aware that the normal level of cholesterol is between 4.6 and 6.2 mol/l. This syrup provides this for everyone.


1kg lemons

5 parsley bunches

3l water

1 baking soda


Put baking soda in a warm water. First wash the lemon in cold water then sink them in the warm water. Leave them for about one hour. Chop the parsley in small pieces and do the same with the lemons (together with its peel).

Now, put the lemons and the parsley in 3 gallons of water and cook them on a low temperature for about 2-3 hours until they are well cooked. It should remain about 1.5l of syrup .Drain the liquid and pour them in a clean glass or bottle.

Consume one glass of this syrup every morning on an empty stomach for about 2 weeks. You will notice the result.