Most of us are not aware that the garlic on the markets actually originates from China. It is highly toxic and harmful to our health. Newest reports show that the USA imported about a third of its garlic quantities from China in 2014. Quality control is an issue, but the real threat is how this garlic is cultivated in its country of origin.

The Chinese producers use forbidden pesticides to boost their products. Among many toxins, they use phorate and parathion, substances that can destroy your health. To protect yourself, you need to learn the difference between the toxic garlic produced in China and the regular one. Notice the following things the next time you are buying garlic:

– The Chinese toxic garlic is lighter in weight and less bulbous than the regular one;

– The homegrown raw garlic has a richer flavor than the Chinese one;

– The most notable difference on the Chinese garlic is that it doesn’t contain roots and stems, which are removed to reduce weight and save on shipping.

Besides these helpful tips, the best way to ensure that you are eating healthy garlic is to grow it on your own, or buy it from your own trusted source.