Thyme is well known as a cure for many diseases. Contains plenty essential oils and flavonoid so its good for curing bronchitis.Experts claim that preparing the thyme tea should never be boiled in an open pot, because this plant contains easily evaporative curable substances that can be easily lost if boiled in an open pot.



Massaging the hole body, against stress, but for better potation you use the rakija made with thyme. In one liter rakija you add 100 to 200 g dried flowers and twice less fresh flowers. You leave it for 30 days, you squeeze it and use it to massage the painful body places. Rakija can be consumed also- half a spoon in the morning on an empty stomach.

Hair lotion

In one liter cold water put 20 g rosemary, sage and thyme. The mixture of these plants should be left for 3 hours in cold water, and than warm it up to a temperature of 80 degrees, squeeze it and put it in a hermetically sealed container. This lotion should be used once a day for massaging the root of the hair. These 3 plants destroy the microbes that attack the head, causing dandruff.

Easily coughing

Mix 20 g of mint, thyme, coltsfoot and black mallow leafs. One spoon from this mixture should be covered with 2 dl boiling water and covered. After it cools off, you squeeze it and drink it. This should be consumed 4-5 times a day.