This is probably the most effective means from the natural medicine when it comes to reliving pain. This is a super- simple procedure that doesn’t require special efforts.

All you need to do is sink a little cotton in alcohol ( around 50 degrees) and that cotton should be put on your belly button.

This homemade medicine will lower your pain and will relax you so that you can fight flu, cold, cough, stomach and menstrual pain.

This method is used often when muscles inflammations and its better than all the conventional medicine.

Next time when you have one of this problems just sink small piece of cotton in homemade rakija, squeeze it a little and put it in your belly button. Be careful not to lose it by sticking it with bandage.

This method helps diminishing menstrual pain, just lie down and gently press the cotton with your hands.

For lowering stomach pain or traveling nausea you can use the same method, but this time just add little salt on the cotton and leave it on the belly.