Usually Vitamin D is produced in our body when exposed to sunlight. Our body to function properly requires vitamin D for example healthy immune system, healthy hair, and others. But if there is lack of vitamin D in our system we can suffer from osteomalacia, increased risk of breast and colon cancer and other problems.

Vitamin D deficiency

Many things can lead to vitamin D deficiency such as age, sex, skin pigmentation and the place where you live.

A factor that has an impact on the level of vitamin D is the obesity, because it doesn’t allow the flow in the bloodstream. The fat cells bond the vitamin and prevent it from flowing.

Ability to absorb

The skin color affects the ability to absorb the vitamin D, the light skinned people tend to have higher levels of circulating Vitamin D than darker people, because the pigment for dark called melanin, blocks the UV and the synthesis of Vitamin D.

Here are 7 rich food that are filled in Vitamin D

1.Cod liver oil

One teaspoon of cod liver has 500 IU vitamin D. It also is rich in omega 3 fats and vitamin A.

2.Oily fish

Especially trout is rich in Vitamin D. 71g of trout contains 539 IU of vitamin D.


The best are Portobello mushrooms. They have the highest amount of Vitamin D. A cup of diced portobellos has 384 IU Vitamin D.

4.Fermented tofu

Firm fermented tofu about 79 g contains 124 IU vitamin D and besides it also has numerous health benefits.


28 g of caviar contains 33 IU Vitamin D, but only 74 calories and 1 g saturated fat.


If you compare pork items you will see that the lean ham contains more vitamin D than all others. Pork ham contains 93 IU of Vitamin D.


1 hardboiled egg has 44 IU vitamin D.