The unpleasant feeling when we want and need to go to the bathroom but we can`t has occurred to many people. This problem even though it is very common can cause some serious health problems. Many products on the market are offering relief and I`m sure you have tried a lot of them such as stool cleanser, softener, fiber, different positions, detoxification and many more. None of them give you what you need.

Here you can read about a better and safer technique that you can use to relieve yourself and it doesn’t have any side effects.

There is a small stretch of skin between the anus and your private part. This is called the perineum. If you massage this specific pressure point it can help you ease up the constipation. The research for this has been published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. The Journal also states that the women are more affected with this problem than man.

This technique is also safe if you are pregnant. This technique is effective and it can help better than any laxative you have been using.
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