We live in a time when stress is an everyday job, and it is almost impossible to avoid it. But luckily we have the nature here to help us to easily deal with everyday stressful situations. Here are the herbs that will help you preserve your nerves:

Lavender Make tea out of few lavender flowers. This smell will calm you down and relax you for a moment. It will ease of the headache and you will be able to have a peaceful dream.

St John wort For a long time the St John`s wort has been known to heal depression. It enhances the concentration, facilitates sleep and simply excites the thoughts.

Anise This herb has an incredible calming effect. It calms the nerves, but also engorgement and menstrual pain.

Mellisa officinalis This herb is mostly used to heal the organism that is under a lot of stress. It also affects positively on the psyche. Besides it is recommended for regulating the irregular menstrual period caused by stress.

Thyme We all know this tea. One cup of thyme in combination with a spoon of honey can be really helpful. This tea also reduces the nervousness and lowers the pain from a headache.