All you need for this drink is fresh water and fresh cucumber. Combine them together and you will get amazing effect. We all know we should consume a lot of water, but let`s be honest, the water is dull, tasteless and boring. Sometimes we need to add a flavor to be able to drink it. Cucumber with water is healthy beverage and it tastes good. This is a good way to consume water, and you get some extra with it. You can easily lose weight with this tasty cucumber water. Reduce the intake of calories and fruit juice or any medications can be avoided if you only drink cucumber water. If we measure the cucumber water we can see that there is less than 50 calories. The water has none, and the cucumber is less than 50. The apple juice has 113 and a can of soda 150 calories. When in the body there is dehydration we often substitute thirst with hunger, and we reach for food. Cucumber will keep your fluid level high, but you also intake enough calories to alleviate hunger until its time for the next meal. Cucumber water helps the skin also against acne problems. Cucumber water is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Having a hangover, help yourself with cucumber water. There is an easy and simple recipe.  Here is how to prepare this amazing, simple, helpful drink.lime-mint-cucumber-water-recipe

Ingredients: 1 medium cucumber and 2 l spring water.

Take the fresh cucumber, wash it well. Chop it in circles and leave it in the water overnight. You can add mint, lemon or strawberries if you need more flavor. Keep yourself cool and refreshed.