This spice can be found in your kitchen, it is cheap, and incredibly healthy. It was known in the ancient Indian medicine for its characteristics, so in the list of ajurveda is mentioned a lot. Find out what it can do for your body.

The pepper is a spice that we use every day, but we don’t know its powers. That’s why we represent to you all medical curable powers of this product, inexpensive, that with certainty have in your kitchen.

Pepper helps food digestion, eliminates stomach bacteria and prevents blow up. The antibacterial and anti microbe influence of the pepper make it powerful preservative, so the food spiced with this spice can last long time.

The important role of the pepper is that it encourages the ability of the body to absorb nutrition especially beta carotene and vitamins from B group.

Pepper consist strong antioxidants that are important ally in the fight against free radicals, helping this spice protect the body from cancer.

It also speeds up the metabolism and helps burning calories, so it can be of great help to those suffering from overweight.

Pepper prevents the extra water to stay in the body, so it helps releasing sweating and urine easily.

In the combination with boiled vine and cloves, it is a great cure against cold and flu.

You can make essential oil from the pepper, which is efficient against arthritis, helping the circulation and also eliminating cellulite.