Any parent wants their child to be safe and healthy. So no one understands why manufacturers make crayons and toy kits that have trace amounts of asbestos in them. Every parent is asking the same question.

What Asbestos is?

Many industries have been outlawed and removed because of the use of this dangerous carcinogen. Asbestos is regularly checked in the homes, because its inhaling or being around it for long period of time can lead to having serious health problems. This is a tiny fiber that has been used for packaging and insulation.

Today it is rare to find it across United States, but the discovery of it among children`s toys is shocking. It can endanger your child`s health seriously.

Many researches that were conducted for asbestos have found that it can cause lung cancer, many lung diseases and mesothelioma. When asbestos is moved around it can become airborne and can be easily breathe in. Here is where the danger health comes in place.

Why is Asbestos in the Kid`s Toys?

If it is that much dangerous why is it in the toys? Well not to further along the main reason for manufacturers to produce these types of toys is the profit instead of the overall health of the consumers.

They find it inexpensive and easily obtained so that they can make toys and packing materials. When an investigation by the Environmental Working Group was conducted, they found four of 28 boxes of crayons contained asbestos and two of 21 crime toy kits contained asbestos.

They all were made in China, because of the lack of safety laws and standards during the manufacturing process.

Protect your child from Asbestos

First and most important thing you can do to protect your child from this toys is to buy only those that are made in America. You can also buy products from many countries because a lot of them have strict rules and standards when it comes to using asbestos in their production.

Check where it is made. Usually if a product is cheap, then there must be a reason for it. SO it is better to buy less toys, and the ones you buy are more expensive but you will give your child a higher quality and a safer toy instead of the ones that might have asbestos in them and endanger your child`s health.

With this, you are supporting the manufacturers that care for your child as well as supporting the national economy. Search for the product information online if you are not sure about some toy.

You can also include yourself in efforts to ban the use of asbestos in toys. This way you can help the children around the world and make the manufacturers use products that don’t harm any child`s health.