Negative energy can really hurt the environment at your office or home and affect your relationships and well-being. You have been led to believe only things you can understand, with your mind being unable to comprehend remedies and rituals which challenge the common sense. This article will talk about something that not many people believe – the fact that lemon can absorb bad energy.

Lemon is a fruit which has beneficial properties for your health and beauty, but can also absorb bad energy. This simple advice will show you how to neutralize negative energy using one simple trick. The simplest way to get rid of bad energy at home to put 3 green lemons in a bowl in different areas in your house, throwing them out once they turn yellow or black. Boiling some lemon peel in rainwater and inhaling the vapors can also get rid of the bad energy you have absorbed through the day.

Put 9 green lemons in a basket of ceramic clay on a bed of rice above your fridge to absorb the negative energy in the kitchen, or put 3 lemons in your desk drawer at work to block the bad vibes at work.

To attract love, you need to put 3 lemons in a bowl on your night desk and throw them out once they turn yellow or black.

To neutralize the negative energy you have absorbed through the day, put 4 lemon slices on a plate arranged in cross form, then circle them with salt and put the plate under your bed overnight. If you can’t put it under your bed, put it somewhere close to it.

In the morning, put the lemon in a plastic bag and throw it away, then repeat the process for 3 days and you should feel better. You can also wear a lemon slice in your bag or purse throughout the day, throwing it in the evening and adding a new one the next day. Before you throw it out, the lemon should be dry, which means that it absorbed all the bad energy from the environment.