Pineapple has been introduced to European nation since the time of Columbus, and has been consumed ever since. The origin is from South America but now days it grows almost all around the world. IT is rich in nutritious ingredients and thanks to the aroma, the beautiful look and amazing taste it is used often.

Pineapple became important ingredient in the everyday modern cuisine. Because of its ingredients pineapple is being used for treating many health problems and diseases. It is a great diet food and it became more popular these days. One cup contains 82 calories, 25 g carbohydrates, 3 mg salt. The best thing is that is fat and cholesterol free.

Because of its organic content, pineapple can be used for many medical conditions and problems. Here are several uses:

  1. Asthma prevention. Pineapple has the Beta- carotene ingredient which allows the body to fight in prevention and against asthma or any other lung diseases. It is used widely in stopping the appearance of asthma.
  2. Regulating blood pressure and lowering the same. Thanks to the richness of potassium pineapple is used to lower the blood pressure and regulate the blood concentration into the organism.
  3. Cancer prevention. Beta- carotene is helping to protect the prostate of cancer. We all know by now that Vitamin C helps in preventing from some types of cancer. And because of the richness of Vitamin C in the pineapple we need to use it daily.
  4. Diabetes regulation. The most important and proven benefit is the help of pineapple in diabetes type 1 and in some cases diabetes type 2 thanks to the richness in fibers. The fibers regulate the sugar and lipids in the system.
  5. Food digestion. Thanks to the fibers they support the function of the intestines which helps the digestion.
  6. As we know, almost all citrus fruits are rich in antioxidant. The ones found in pineapple that help the fertility are: vitamin C, beta carotene, copper and zinc.
  7. Anti-inflammation and healing reagent. The rare ingredient that the pineapple contains is bromelain. This substance helps to reduce bruising and shortens the healing time and pain caused by injuries.
  8. Skin care properties. Thanks to the collagen that the pineapple contains it helps the skin to rejuvenate and reduce the cause of wrinkles. It can fight the skin wounds. Only one cup a day is needed.
  9. Healthy bones. Manganese is needed for healthy bones and the connective tissue. And 80% of our daily needs is contained in the pineapple.


  • 1 fresh pineapple
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 cup fresh berries
  • few ice cubes


Cut the pineapple and the banana into small slices. Add the fruit slices into 1 cup of almond milk. Mix the mixture until it gets thick. Add some berries or other fresh fruit for decoration and taste. Add the ice cubes into the ready drink.

This is amazing drink during spring and summer. Just enjoy!!!