Many people check the BMI calculator often, and many don’t. But everyone should do this regularly so that they know the health and calculate the weight.
Do you know what BMI is?

It is a calculator that based on the measurements of weight and height, gives the result of your health.

Here are the four groups that the result might show:

  • Underweight
  • Normal weight
  • Overweight
  • Fat

This result might not give you enough information about your body and the percentage of muscle or fat your body has.

One Body Labs decided to test 6 completely different female body types with identical body mass index.

Every one of this person had 173 cm high, 65 kg and a BMI index is equal to 22.8. But if you look them in person you will see that they are different.

You can take the BMI index to check on your health but is this one showing the actual appearance of your body?!

Not everything should be looked through the number you wear!