The papayas are from Mexico and are known as the fruit of angels.

They taste sweet and buttery and they are unique and amazing.

The right way to eat them!!!

You need to cut the papaya in half and if you are left with the other half, and are not planning to eat it you can wrap it in and leave it in the fridge.

You can scoop the seeds out with the ice cream scoop. Now the papaya can be cut in cubes and you can add it to your meal together with other fruits.

You can make a juice out of them if you like, too.

The papaya is amazing in taste as well as giving us the unique combination of health benefits for the entire body.

Here is what the Papaya can give you!!!!!!

1.Health for the lungs

You can make papaya juice and receive the Vitamin A from it. The papaya juice can help the lungs clear from the damage done by smoking.

2.Fill with antioxidants

The antioxidants can help prevent the cholesterol oxidation in the arteries. And the antioxidants found in the papaya can do that for you. They can reduce the chance of heart attacks and strokes.

3.Fiber Fiber Fiber

The fibers regulate the bowel movements helping the digestive system to work properly and healthy. The papaya and its fibers can help with constipation as well.

4.Anti- inflammatory

The papaya can help diseases like osteoarthritis, gout and rheumatoid arthritis thanks to the proteolytic enzyme. This enzyme can help reduce the inflammation and can help fight the diseases.

The papaya is the one fruit that has the most anti-inflammatory compounds.

There are many benefits from eating green papaya and here are some information about the healthy benefits from eating green papaya.

Green Papaya and its benefits

1.Helps the digestive system

The green papaya has bigger concentration of papain enzymes in comparison with raw papaya. The papaya helps the digestive system to that level that now it has also been used as a natural meat tenderizer. The enzyme in the papaya helps break down the digestive proteins.

With all this said about the digestive system the papaya plays a great part in diets for digestive performances. There were studies made that show, using the papaya on daily basis can even help you lose weight.

2.Fill with potassium

The green papaya contains more potassium. This mineral is used to increase the efficiency of the plant`s root when collecting water and nutrients. After the papaya has been ripped out, the excess potassium is redundant.

The potassium in the green papaya regulates the heart rates and the blood pressure. It helps when on heavy sodium diet because it acts as counteracting for the effects of the same diet.

There is a negative side from consuming green papaya. That is they release excess latex liquids that in some people may cause allergic reactions like skin irritation.

If being pregnant then you should also avoid eating papaya. The latex liquids can affect the muscles and cause uterine contractions. Unfortunately this can lead to miscarriage.

If you have eaten green papaya and you have noticed some reaction, please stop eating them at once and visit a doctor.

Always buy papayas that are grown organically so that you can use all of the amazing health benefits that they give.