Pancreas is a gland that is located in the belly and is a vital part of the digestive system, also one of its main functions if to control the blood sugar levels.

To visualize the position of the pancreas, try this: touch your right thumb and right “pinkie” fingers together, keeping the other three fingers together and straight. Then, place your hand in the center of your belly just below your lower ribs with your fingers pointing to your left. Your hand will be the approximate shape and at the approximate level of your pancreas.

Because of the deep location of the pancreas, tumors of the pancreas are rarely palpable (able to be felt by pressing on the abdomen). This explains why most symptoms of pancreatic cancer do not appear until the tumor has grown large enough to interfere with the function of the pancreas or other nearby organs such as the stomach, duodenum, liver, or gallbladder.

But how can you tell when you have a problem with pancreas?


You will feel pain after a meal. Usually it is located behind the belly and only on the left side of the body. It simply feel like burning.

  • This pain could be more clear just after eating or even after drinking. It is even more pronounced if you have eaten foods high in fat.
  • This pain could begin the day after a meal, it could last for several days and could even increase in intensity.
  • The pain is more intense when you lay face up. The pancreas feels squeezed and the pain is more acute.
  • The pain radiates from behind the back or behind the left shoulder blade.


Fever is one of the most common symptoms for many diseases. But in any case if your body temperature is few degrees higher than usual, immediately go to visit a doctor.


As a result of the pancreas disorder, your digested system is altered, foods are not digested very well and the pancreas becomes inflamed.  Feeling discomfort is normal.


If you feel tired, irritable, difficulty in concentrating, and sudden headaches.  This is all due to the fact that you immune system is being attacked and the effects produced are felt immediately.

Weight lose

If you consume the usual amount of food and you lose weight anyway, that means that your body is not synthesizing food and it is a pancreas-related illness.

Instead of treating the disease, prevent it! Here is how:

  • Limit your consumption of refined sugars and flour.
  • If you smoke, drop this addiction. This is absolutely necessary in order to prevent pacreatic cancer.
  • Avoid alcohol. According to nutritionists, consuming one cup of wine a day could be healthy, but if you exceed this dose continually, the effect on your pancreas is immediate.  Avoid it for the good of your health.
  • Consume foods that are high in fiber, especially whole grains.
  • Avoid consuming red meat.
  • Consume especially cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, watercress and Brussels sprouts. These vegetables are perfect for taking care of your pancreas and for avoiding cancer.
  • Avoid weight gain.
  • Try to prevent diabetes.
  • Protein consumption is indispensable for treating and preventing pancreatic illnesses. Try to always get your proteins from legumes and fish.  If you eat meat, make sure it is turkey; it’s healthier and has less fat.