Due to our chaotic lifestyles, a lot of women find it difficult to take care of their hair, lips, skin or feet. The overnight tips in this text will please you. Since you can’t find time during the day, these tips will work for you while you sleep. Here’s how: the body still works a lot during the night – it repairs, rejuvenates and re-energizes its cells. That’s why you must take advantage of this process and even help it a little. Follow these beauty tips and wake up as a princess.

Avoid unruly hair

Long hair is damaged while you sleep. Tossing and turning in the bed strains the hair and the friction causes knots and breakage. Switch from cotton to satin pillowcases if you want to avoid it. The slippery surface of the satin will see to that. Michael Van Clark, a celebrity hairstylist from London recommends making a loose brand if you wake up with knots in your hair – your hair will be prettier and with loose waves in the morning.

Remove wrinkles

Sleeping masks are way more effective than anti-wrinkles serums. They work overnight too. Apply the mask over moisturizer and be careful to pick one that’s packed with elasticity-building cranberry extract and hyaluronic acid, which will hydrate your skin while you sleep.

Smoothen dry feet

Here’s a simple remedy for everyone with dry and cracked feet: put some Vaseline on your feet and put on cotton socks before going to sleep. They will ensure the moisturizer stays on your feet and goes into the skin easier. It’s one of the best feet beauty treatments.

Moisturized lips

A layer of almond oil will ensure you have the desired lips. Apply the oil before going to sleep – your lips will be kissable and smooth in the morning.

Soft cuticles

Rub some coconut oil before going to bed on the cuticles to soften them. It will keep them moisturized and will help strengthen the nails too.

Glowing skin

A special routine can make your skin glowing. Apply vitamin E oil before the night cream and go to sleep. Olive oil can also be used for massaging until it enters your skin. This ritual can be done every night before going to bed.

Eliminate pimples

Pimples have a way of showing up at your biggest moments. But, putting some toothpaste on them before going to bed will help greatly. Leave the toothpaste overnight to dry itself and your pimples will be almost gone in the morning. It’s important to use toothpaste, not some gel.

Grow eyelashes

There are tons of eyelash growth serums these days, but they don’t work and cost way too much. One simple remedy that will really help is castor oil. Apply it to your eyelashes before going to bed. Dab some of the oil with a q-tip along the top lash line. In just eight weeks, the results will be noticeable!

Soft hands

Exfoliate your hands with a homemade scrub made of brown sugar and olive oil, then use some vitamin E oil and massage the hands. Put on gloves and go to sleep – in the morning your hands will look way younger!