High blood pressure and diabetes was diagnosed to this person four years ago. He had to take insulin and pills for high blood pressure.

He only consumed raw fruits and vegetables and helped his health.

The thirst was the signifier for diabetes. The doctor, after several checkups, told him that he suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes. The sugar level was 29 and the pancreas has stopped working.  He started to take insulin regularly and did some sports activities. But like we all know, other medical issues had appeared after some time. The triglycerides levels have increased up to 16 and the blood pressure was measured 150/100. The number of pills had increased as well.

New year 2013 revealed his wish to turn new page and the TV show changed his life. The show „ The Edge of Science“, where doctor John Zidrum was a guest, gave him an insight to consuming raw foods. He consumed this for 12 years. After watching this show he had some thinking to do.

He decided to try it for himself.

He bought a blender and started his healing process. He consumed raw fruits for seven days with other temptations and after that the temptations were gone. After just few days the first results appeared. The level of sugar in the blood had dropped down to 5.

His first reaction was to stop taking insulin and continue to consume his diet hoping that his level of blood sugar will remain low. He always could continue insulin if he needed it, if the blood sugar rise again. He now started to lose weight and the blood sugar was normal.

In the period of 25 days he lost up to 11 kilos. For about four months he consumed raw foods and the health has improved a lot. He didn`t use insulin anymore, his blood pressure was normal 120/70, the level of triglycerides was 1.4 and he had lost over 20 kg without using any pills.

Here is the recipe for the drink he loved

Here are the ingredients for this drink:

  • Handful of kale
  • 5 kiwis
  • 2 bananas
  • 2 apples
  • Half a liter of water

Pour all the ingredients in a glass and mix it. Consume it half in the morning and the rest during the day.

Eat fruits, fruit salads, tuna for Vitamin B12 every time you feel hunger. The brain starts to adjust and sends a signal to the brain that the stomach is empty. This information comes from the blood, and the blood needs to be at its best health to send the right signals to the brain, helping it to heal properly and stay healthy.