The arteries clog and the blood flow is not allowed to move in the heart thanks to the rise of the bad cholesterol (LDL). This can cause heart diseases or even stroke. Many medications that are prescribed by the doctors can help the high cholesterol level but here you can read how you can make a natural healthy treatment for the LDL and open the heart veins without bypass or angioplasty.

Read about the instructions on how to prepare it:

Needed ingredients:

  • a cup of lemon juice
  • a cup of ginger juice
  • a cup of garlic juice
  • a cup of apple cider vinegar

Way of preparation:

You need to mix all the ingredients together in a pot and heat them on low heat for an hour. The mixture should lower itself up to 3 cups in quantity. When this happens you need to remove it from the heat and let it cool off. You can add 3 cups of natural honey stir it and place the mixture in a bottle.

On an empty stomach, every morning, you need to take one tablespoon from this medicine and it will clear the vein blockage and help the blood flow.