Breast cancer is the most spread cancer among women. Research show that 14% of all cancer types belong to the breast cancer.

We need to know our body and the anatomy of it in order to notice changes when they happen. The breasts are consisted of breast tissue, fat tissue, connective tissue, arteries, nerves and veins. With age all breasts change. Here you can read how to notice any abnormal changes on your breasts and take precaution.

  1. The most common symptom is the breast lump. They may be benign or just cysts, but they can also be cancer cells. Cysts are the most common occurrence because they are a sack of fluid inside the tissue.
  2. Performing regular examination on your body can lead to detecting any lumps or thick areas on the breasts or on the armpit.
  3. When the breast size or shape changes.
  4. When an unknown pain appears that is not related to your menstrual period, around the breast and armpit, you need to consult a doctor.
  5. If your nipples are discharging milky or bloody liquids and you are not breastfeeding then it may be a sign of breast cancer.
  6. Sunken skin on the breast may also be a cancer symptom.
  7. The skin of the nipples turns into rash or swelling, or even redness on the lymph node on the armpit can mean breast cancer.

Women need to perform regular self examinations on their breasts and armpits and look for any changes or abnormalities. If the changes are found early and they are diagnosed as cancer, the treatment will work better.