Big percent of woman have problems with the occurrence of cists on one or both ovaries. These cysts are hard to be healed, but not impossible. You can find remedy in some natural medicine.

I represent to you natural medicine made of aloe and honey, which can be prepared this way:

Take several leafs cactus aloe and put it in the fridge for 2 weeks. Then grind them and squeeze its juice. Mix the juice with honey 1:1. Keep the medicine refrigerated.


To use this natural medicine made of honey and aloe, you need to take one spoon of the mixture and heat it a little to soften, because the mixture when is cold becomes hard. Once you heat the mixture, take one tampon and moisture it in the mixture. Put the tampon in the vagina and let it act during the night.

Repeat this procedure for 10 days, and then make a brake. Do not use this medicine while having your period. After the brake you can continue the therapy for 10 more days.

With the help of this natural medicine, you can cure the erosion of the cervical, characteristic for the lesions. You can consult your gynecologist before using this medicine for this specific problem.