Everyone knows that alternative medications are crucial for better health. These remedies improve the body’s resistance to numerous diseases. Herbal teas are the best form of remedies – they are easy to make and keep us warm. However, in order to get results, you must be prepared to consume the remedies regularly for a longer period. They are efficient, but slower than conventional medications.

Even slower, natural remedies have a great effect on many diseases and improve the overall health. In this article, we present you some of the best natural remedies for the most common diseases.

Natural remedy for asthma

Prepare the following mix to treat asthma:

– Fry 300 gr. of sugar;

– Add 9 tablespoons of honey when the sugar changes its color;

– Add 3 bowls of sliced onion;

– Add 1.5 l. of boiling water

Mix the ingredients and cook them together. When the fluid evaporates to about 50%, take it off the stove and let it cool down. Put the fluid in bottles, and consume one teaspoon of it before going to bed.

Note: don’t drink or smoke during the treatment

Natural remedy for angina

– Chop some mallow and garlic

– Add half a pint of boiling water

Heat for 15-20 minutes then drain the mixture. Add some honey, and you have your tea ready. Drink it in any amount you want, and rinse your throat with it.


Inhaling the smoke from baking bread will help with your runny nose. Repeat the treatment a few times daily for 2-3 minutes.


Put a few cabbage leaves in the oven to soften them, and place them on the forehead three times a day. Repeat until you get rid of the headaches.

Arthritis and sciatica

Cook some oats in water for a couple of minutes. Drain off the fluid and drink one cup a day. The cooked oats can be put on painful joints. Keep changing them on every four hours.

Treating burns

Use this natural remedy for burns: grate some potatoes and apply them on the affected area. To prevent blisters, use some cold milk or cotton wood linseed oil on the area.