A large and growing number of people – more than 500 million in the world – are suffering from hearing loss. It can be caused from loud noise to using drugs, stroke and hereditary diseases, or genetics. Buildup of fat and mucus in the inner ear can be responsible for hearing loss too. All we can do when the hearing is impaired is try to reduce the damage. Better ear care and good nutrition can help – and while it’s best to prevent hearing loss, when the damage is done we can reduce or even reverse it with some natural remedies.

Here’s a list of natural remedies which will help with hearing loss:

Diet recommendation

Colorful fresh fruits, berries and some vegetables like kidney and black beans have all been used as foods beneficial for the ear by our ancestors because of their antioxidant properties.

Natural supplements:

– Magnesium: 200-250 mg. daily

– Niacin (vitamin B3): 50-1000 mg. daily, in divided doses

– Vitamin B12: 100-1000 mcg. Daily

– Gingko biloba extract: 60 mg., one to three times a day


Garlic has many health benefits like lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels and improving circulation. But it can also be used in treatment for hearing loss. Here’s a recipe for you to try:

Chop some garlic (several cloves) and leave them in olive oil. When the garlic has released its juice, filter the mix through a gauze. Then, you can apply a few drops in the ear and close it with a little cotton.

Honey and cinnamon

Take honey and cinnamon mix twice a day, in the morning and evening.

Red wine

Red wine improves the mood, is good for the heart, immunity and even baldness. Its rich antioxidant content protects the inner ear, and will prevent and help with hearing loss.

Red onion and garlic juice

This drink is known as the most powerful remedy for hearing loss. You just need a mix of 30 ml. red onion and 30 ml. garlic juice. Take it once a day.

Ginger compress application

A compress with ginger applied over the ears and kidney area will break up the accumulation of fat and mucus in the inner ear.

Some other recommendations should also be taken notice of. If you’re outside and hear a loud sound, cover your ears. Always protect your ears from loud noises!

Listen to music from a low to moderate level, and if you attend a concert, wear ear plugs.

For those with a loud noise exposure due to a job, invest in good, quality headphones and rest in a quiet place after.