Glycoside mortising, extract of the blueberry leaves is with the right called plants insulin, because it is a very successful means in curing diabetes, but need constant cooperation with the doctor and a proper diet.

Tea against the diabetes:

20g blueberries leafs

20g black mulberry leafs

20 g ground- ivy Glechoma hederacea

40g white peas legumes

Mix all of the components and take out 3 spoons. Than those 3 spoons boil for 15 minutes in a half liter of water. Put aside the bowl and cover it, let it settle for 3 hours. You need to drink this dose 3 times a week.

In the traditional medicine the blueberry is an appreciated medicine against acute and chronicle internal diseases, especially for children with stomach typhoid and paratyphoid, as an additional therapy to antibiotics because the tea made from leafs and the blueberry fruit in the term of 24 hours kill the typhoid microbes, those responsible for paratyphoid, collie bacilli, which means it cures certain inflammations to the internal intestines, because the  blueberry ties the bacteria and their poison together, destroys contagious microbes, calms, strengthens and cleanses the liver, cures the condition of digestion problems and food poisoning.

Blueberry tea efficiently prevents creating humic acid that is especially important to those infected with gout.

Freshly squeezed blueberry juice is one of the best natural medicines for mouth wash during inflammations, recurring aphthae, oral inflammations, tongue leucoplast caused by smoking. If the juice is held in the mouth for several minutes, it removes the bad odor also. Fresh juice removes intestinal parasites, especially worms, and lowers the cholesterol.

The tea made from leafs and the blueberry fruit calms the cough and encourages secretion disposal and its removal from the lungs.