Coconut oil

The fat acids from the coconut oil act as a very strong antioxidant. This oil has an antibacterial influence which calms down the irritable skin, renews it and protects it from the free radicals, so it acts as prevention against stretch marks.

Application: Into a carrot juice put one tea spoon of sea salt and gently massage the scar. Leave it to dry and then rinse out with warm water.

The Aloe

Powerful herb that penetrates even the deepest layers of the tissue, speeds up the healing of the wounds, burns, stimulates the creation of new skin cells, and calms down and hydrates the skin.

Application: Take one leaf of the Aloe and with the juice from it moisten the scars. Leave it to dry and don’t rinse it off.

Hazelnut oil

This oil hydrates, renews and feeds the skin. Besides this, it softeners the stretch marks, red skin and cracked capillaries on the skin. Penetrates the skin fast, tones it and tightens it, and in that way it keeps her elastic and strength ability.

Application: Moisten the sensitive skin with this oil every day.

Vitamin E oil

Acts as an antioxidant which prevents forming of the free radicals onto the skin, and protects it from damage and old age. Effectively helps with burns, scars or stretch marks.

Application: Moisten the oil onto the damaged skin parts and leave it to dry. Instead of using the oil, you can use vitamin E in capsules.