Millions of people around the world are dealing with sleeping problems due to their partner’s snoring. Have you ever wondered what causes snoring? According to experts, excess mucus is one of the things responsible for the condition. Knowing what causes it, we can reduce the mucus and stop snoring with this incredible remedy that works like magic!

All you need to do is to drink this homemade beverage before going to sleep every night. It will reduce the amount of mucus, but you need to use only organic fruit and vegetables for its preparation. Here’s how to prepare it:


1 piece of ginger

¼ of a lemon

2 apples

2 carrots

Half a cup of water


The recipe is very easy to prepare if you follow these simple instructions: put all the ingredients in a blender and mix until you get a smooth texture. Prepare the drink and drink it fresh a few hours before going to bed and avoid the following habits which can worsen the condition:

  • Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol;
  • Too much chocolate;
  • Avoid eating processed and fried foods, or foods hard to digest.

This juice will get rid of the excess mucus and eliminate snoring, effectively improving your sleep and helping you and your partner rest properly.