Whether you hit yourself and you are leaned to bruising and hematomas, these advices are the true solution for you.

Put cold coating on the bruised place and hold it for half an hour. The ice can also be very useful, but you should be extra careful with it not to leave it longer than 5 minutes, make more breaks, so that you will prevent tissue tingling.

The ice is great not only for easing the pane, but also it slows down the blood circulation and in that way it prevents the creation of hematomas.

Half an hour after the ice treatment you should put some marigold balm on to the bruised place.

This way the already created hematoma is reabsorbed more quickly. A very useful tool is a piece of fresh pineapple because it contains a ferment that speeds up reabsorbing of the hematoma. The potato can be used for the same purpose. You need to boil it first, then peal it off and make a mashed potato. Into the mixture you put little honey and regular water and this finished mixture you put it on the bruising.

Another alternative is to put gauze submerged into vinegar and repeat this procedure few times during the day.