The diet lasts for 13 days and in that time you can lose 8-10 kg. It’s a balanced diet and it is recommended by nutritionists.

Day 1 / breakfast- glass of green tea; lunch – 2 boiled eggs, tomato and green salad without additions; dinner- 150g boiled veal and spinach on steam.

Day 2 / breakfast- one glass of green tea; lunch- 150 g baked veal, tomato and lettuce salad; dinner- vegetable soup without potatoes.

Day 3 / breakfast – muesli with yogurt; lunch- boiled chicken and green salad; dinner- 2 boiled eggs and lettuce salad.

Day 4 / breakfast – one glass of green tea; lunch- 1 egg, piece of cheese and 2 carrots; dinner- fruit salad and one glass of yogurt.

Day 5 / breakfast– grated carrots with lemon juice; lunch- fish on a grill and tomatoes; dinner- boiled veal and green salad.

Day 6 / breakfast– muesli with yogurt; lunch- piece of chicken on the grill and lettuce salad; dinner- boiled veal and tomatoes.

Day 7 / breakfast- glass of green tea; lunch- boiled veil and salad; dinner- fruit salad and a glass of yogurt

Day 8-13 the menu is repeated. The size of every meat is 150 gr. Drink 2 liters of water every day.