Sushi is a popular dish, but not everyone knows how to prepare it. Before eating sushi or tuna rolls, you need to ask the chefs how are they preparing the dish. If it isn’t properly prepared, it can have serious consequences as this poor man learned.

A Chinese man had recently experienced symptoms such as itchy skin and digestive disorders after having a plate of sashimi in a local restaurant. When the symptoms worsened, he visited his doctor and was stunned to see that his body was full of parasitic worms!

Undercooked fish contain worms called diphyllobotrium which cause a condition known as Diphyllobothriasis. The most common symptoms of this awful condition are weakness, diarrhea, discomfort in the belly area, dizziness, insomnia, malnutrition and jaundice.

The parasitic worms are very dangerous since they can make their way to your brain. They are difficult to diagnose and can have fatal consequences! These kind of parasitic infections are caused by undercooked fish, but can also be caused by properly cooked fish in rare cases.