Mandarin is very powerful and lowers the risk of carcinoma to people suffering from hepatitis.

Mandarin is a fruit that contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protects from a lot of disease, like liver carcinoma. So we can freely say a lot of health in a small package.Mandarin is so powerful that lowers the risk of carcinoma in people suffering from hepatitis and complements up to 80 % the daily need of the body for vitamin C and A. At the same time this fruit is filled with antioxidants which are powerful guardians of the body cells.Research has shown that the mandarin is especially effective in preventing atherosclerosis and enhanced blood pressure. At the same time it lowers the bad cholesterol and triglycerides.Beside anything else, mandarin is definite instigator of the immune system and it pleases the satiety.Mandarin is healthy, lowers the feeling of hunger, meanwhile being sweet and tasty. You need to consume it as much as you can.

Morning cocktail

Freshly squeezed mandarin juice is perfect choice for good and fresh start of the day. In a 100 ml mandarin juice we have 180 mg potassium, 18 mg calcium, 8 mg magnesium, 14 mg phosphorus, and we can find also iron, zinc and copper, besides the antioxidant phyto-chemicals. If during the week you are exposed to stress, inadequate nutrition and difficulty in digestion, then make a weekend body detoxification with the sensual mandarin.

If you start Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays with the potion, than your new working week will start fully prepared.