Allan Taylor

The name of this person is Allan Taylor and the remedy he had made contained powdered grass, curry spices, apricot seeds and selenium tablets.

The doctors gave up on him and his disease but he wasn’t ready to give up.

This 78 year old grandpa found his solution on the internet. He then started intensive diet to cure himself. The ingredients he used were curry spices, selenium tablets, apricot seeds and powdered grass.

After consuming it for several months the check up at the doctor showed he was all- cleared.

The doctor told him he didn’t need chemotherapy anymore it wouldn’t help him at all, and the surgery was not an option as well. Allan didn’t like this answer and he wanted to find a cure.

The doctor appointment with the worse news came on April 30. On August 6, the letter from the North Tees hospital came telling him the scan showed no signs of cancer or abnormality.


In February he noticed a lump in his abdomen. He scanned it and it turned out to be colon cancer.

The operation was in September and 9 inch section from the colon was removed.  The chemotherapy started after 3 months. In April the cancer spread to the small intestine.

He wanted to try and find cure on the internet. The advice he received from his local health food store made him change his entire diet. He replaced red meat and dairy products with 10 portions of raw fruit and vegetables.

The crucial and most important ingredient is the teaspoon powdered barley grass with hot water in the morning and night before going to sleep.

The price was only $45 a week and the gain was not measurable. He got his life back.