The pine needle syrup is great for lungs, during breathing problems, irritation of the lungs or bronchitis. Enhances the immune system and protects it from cold and flu.

How to prepare it?

What do we need? – To prepare this syrup you will need to gather fresh light green pine needles. The amount should be decided by you depending how big of a jar you would like to prepare. Besides the pine needles you will also need one jar of homemade honey.

How should I prepare it? – First you need to wash well the needles, and then put them on a clean towel to dry. You should leave them on the towel for at least 24 hours, and then start your preparation. Get one glassed jar and start arranging one row needle than thin layer honey on top, than again row of needles and honey on top, repeating it until you get 3-4 cm before the top of the jar. The last layer should be honey. The jar should be shut tight and left in a warm place. This mixture should be left in the jar for 40 days, meanwhile shake it every day. After the 40th day has passed open the jar and strain the mixture. Now we have healthy syrup made of pine needles which needs to be kept in the refrigerator because expiration date is soon. The syrup can be consumed several spoons a day in a specific time line.