Usually you undertake many expensive treatments and diets to lose weight. You can melt your body fat with these two ingredient juice and see how much it helps….

You can lose the weight naturally. Yes, this is possible. You just need these two ingredients and burn your fat quickly and easily. These two ingredients stimulate the digestion and help your metabolism. The main ingredients are : Lemon and Celery.

During the summer we all tend to look slimmer and get in our swimsuits. You can lose weight many ways, but most of them are expensive and hard to undertake. Maybe you have tried losing weight by drinking arm water. Maybe you have tried drinking shakes to lose weight. Now, you can throw all that away and melt your body fat with the drink made only of these two ingredients. The best part is that it is cheap and easy to make. And the most important is that this drink is very efficient. Try the drink and see the results for yourself. Don’t have to trust me about it, see it for yourself!

The needed ingredients:

  • 14 oz /400 grams celery root
  • 2.2 lbs/ 1 kg lemon

The right way to prepare it:

The celery root need to be shredded and the lemons should be shredded together with their peel. Make sure you use organically grown lemons and celery. Put 2 l of water in a deep bowl. Add the celery root and the lemon together with the lemon juice from shredding the lemons. Mix them all together. After the mixture is well combined pour it in glass bottles. Leave it for 5-6 hours before consuming.

Way of use:

The consummation should be every day prior a meal. You only need to consume it three times a day, around 100 ml each time. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator.